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The 7-pack Makeup Brush Set Contains Blush Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Lip Brush, Eyeshadow Brush

The 7-pack Makeup Brush Set Contains Blush Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Lip Brush, Eyeshadow Brush

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Features: Well-structured bristles, soft peak, like spring breeze brushing the face, thick brush handle strong and durable.

Product details: Environmental protection animal bionic hair, soft and comfortable, good toughness, rich hair, hair peak is exquisite, touch silky skin-friendly not tied face.

Product technology: Smooth paint process, birch paint, radial brush handle, simple atmosphere, no deformation, no fading, no paint off.

Product quality: exquisite thickened copper pipe, better as a bristle brush handle bridge, durable thickened copper pipe material.

Kind Note: It is recommended that you read our size chart guide carefully and compare with regular sizes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



<ol> <li>Bionic animal hair.</li> <li> Loose paint used to take powder makeup large hair hair rich, suitable for a quick full face makeup.

</li> <li>When giving makeup on eyebrow, can use eyelash brush, slowly comb eyebrow to make its on makeup natural.</li> <li>After you've painted your eyebrows, use a mascara brush to comb them for a more even and natural line. </li> <li>The concealer brush is mostly used for concealer, the local pointed part is used for small range concealer, the flat head is used, and it is suitable for large range concealer. </li> <li>Eye shadow foundation brush, suitable for large area spread, brush soft and delicate, can effectively control the thickness of eye makeup. </li> <li>Oblique eyebrow paint size is moderate, can draw root distinct eyebrow shape, draw hairy natural eyebrow. </li> 

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